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La transparence de nos chiffres

every year we publish our figures in order to be clear to our donors.

Some numbers increase like the number of trees planted and others decrease like our administrative costs which are currently 2.5% (see details below)

Good reading

Tableau des frais d'administration.jpg

Our administrative costs

How is it possible to have such low administrative costs for an association working abroad?

Here are the measures we take to limit the costs of which we are proud

  • Travel and subsistence expenses are borne entirely by the members of the committee.

  • We have no fixed members in order to reduce the costs of operations, dues and others.

  • Correspondence costs are borne by each member of the committee.

  • We do not pay dues to organizations such as: ZEWO, etc.

  • All the people working for the association in Switzerland are volunteers.

The details

Tableau des frais d'administration.jpg

  • No administration feesare perceivedon donations for projects:

      Sponsorships, Orphanage, Construction of a school.

  • No administration fees are charged on donations up to 100.-

  • Minimal administration fees are taken from donations from our partners

  • the current 2.5% of costs are: the access provider of our website, bank charges and sending letterss thanks for donations.

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